An initiative of the Australian Dairy Industry, this site brings together information from a variety of sources to support small-to-medium enterprise interested in manufacturing and/or exporting Australian dairy products.

This website will give you the opportunity to understand everything that’s required to become trade ready. It’s a self-assessment tool about what you know and what you need to know about manufacturing and exporting dairy products.

Once the self-assessment has been completed, you’ll be provided with a PDF summary to download, together with some links you’ll find useful. If you are curious about the dairy export process or have just commenced your investigation into what is required to manufacture or export Australian dairy products, then this site can help you on your way.

What market do you intend to supply?

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Dairy Australia has also developed a Dairy Food Recall Tool as part of this initiative. This online tool has been developed for all Australian dairy businesses to understand the potential costs of a food recall from domestic supply chains. To use the tool, simply click here.